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Model 27-1 Mortuary Cot
SKU: G2000-00139



The Model 27-1 Mortuary Cot by Ferno blends classic design with innovative features. All four wheels swivel. The folding end section shortens the cot by 15", and the cot's head section is tapered, making tight corners less of an obstruction. These features make this cot very maneuverable in close quarters and narrow doorways and allow easy access to the body. The multi-level undercarriage provides flexibility in retrieval. The load-end wheels can be locked when necessary. The Model 27-1 comes with Ferno Model 375 one-inch burgundy mattress and two black Ferno Model 430 Two-Piece Restraints that are both 5' length. The Model 27-1 cot is also available with optional side arms installed. Features Multi-level feature offers up to 6 cot levels, like the Model 24 series cot, allowing one person to easily perform retrievals Tapered head-end section allows increased maneuverability in close quarters, and drop-end shortens overall length by 15" for tighter turning Two wheels lock for straight rolling on incline Four swivel wheels for easy maneuverability Cot comes complete with a burgundy, Model 375 one-inch mattress and two black Ferno Model 430 Two-Piece Restraints that are both 5' length WARRANTY: 2 years on hard goods & 90 days on soft goods Technical Specs Number of Levels: 6 Length: 78.75" (200 cm) Width: 22.00" (56 cm) Height Max: 33.50" (85 cm) Height Min: 9.00" (23 cm) Loading Height: 26.00" (66 cm) Weight: 59 lbs. (27 Kg) Load Limit: 400 lbs. (182 Kg)

Additional Info

Additional Info

Categories Funeral Home / Stretchers/Cots
SKU G2000-00139
Width 22"
Length 78.75"
Height 33.5"
Minimum height 9"
Maximum Height 33.5"
capacity_lbs 400 lbs